NYAS Digital Technology Consultant

Today is not one of my usual meetings or blog posts, rather it is the beginning of my career as NYAS Digital Technology Consultant [and record of the day for personal reflection] where I will be training and supporting staff alongside the Digital Ambassadors* to improve their services and promotion.

The past few months you will be aware that I have been involved in a consultation regarding greater access for media to the Family Courts, this is something I strongly oppose along with many other children and young people which is why my first real task was to research the best platform for us to host a petition calling on the President of the Family Court Division to halt any changes to access and to urge parliament to hold public consultations/ parliamentary debates taking into consideration the views of young people. [Keep an eye on this blog for a link to the petition.]

Now I have promoted one of my key interests we also had to go over what funding was available to us (this would have to cover training, publicity materials, stationary, travel, coordination, etc.) along with how best to recruit new members. The idea of the Digital Ambassadors* is for them to help maintain and update our social media [Facebook and Twitter] along with contributing to a regularly updated blog on the young persons’ section of the website.

Along with the social media aspect, we also want to develop a mobile application so children and young people can get information and in contact with NYAS services if they so wish. Again we have to decide the best way to market this with some young people, but the ground works are being set so they can get involved straight away rather than having to wait for agreements to be made with companies.

On top of this we also intend to train young people on developing videos for our [proposed] YouTube channel. Training will be provided for all aspects of the project where it is wanted which will enhance our young peoples’ CVs as we can provide them a certificate detailing what they have been involved with.

To recruit new young people we discussed a variety of ideas including weekly competitions where a subject would be set for the blog, young people could contribute for the chance to win a prize, and we would then tell them all about the project and offer further interaction. We are still in discussions with how to best get the initial message of the competition and project out there and what to offer as prizes but a lot was decided on the day.



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