Answer Me That! on Storm FM

Well as you know I like to keep busy, and with my term as a Senator drawing to a close I thought I would take on the new role of radio presenter on Storm FM hosting my own show, answering questions sent in by listeners through our Facebook group. At the beginning of the first show my mind went completely blank so I quickly chucked on some music and roped Ben and Rory into helping me run the show by posing them the questions which had been submitted/made up by me (huge thank you to them both!)

After a few minutes the show got into full swing with a few giggles and random stories, even gave a shout out to my nieces and god sons brother which apparently made their day. Now I am presenter trained and know how to use the equipment I think I will be okay next time as long as some random people send me in some questions [which can be about absolutely anything at all]. In our next edition I am hoping to be joined in the studio by Wiskey who has been great on his own show, Saturday loves you.

If there are any issues I have the program controllers (Ben and his successor Rory) the other side of the desk to jump in and a big notice with an apology for any swearing to read out to listeners as it is a big no no until 23:00 when you can play more explicit music (although the presenters/guests are still not allowed to under any circumstances). Now working in radio a few people may worry about what they are and aren’t allowed to say and do but most of it comes down to common sense, don’t libel anyone/anything and don’t push products. Basically talk as if you were in a normal convocation.

Now I haven’t got a lot of experience and I won’t know most things for a while, but hopefully I will be posting my show as a podcast soon on Sound Cloud and start appearing on other shows.

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